Calendar of events & festivals in Villa de Leyva and its surroundings

Calendar of events & festivals in Villa de Leyva and its surroundings.

Holy Week in Sachica, Boyaca

Start date: April 01, 2021
End date: April 03, 2021

Those who visit Sachica, Boyaca during Holy Week will be able to live again, through a staging, with more than 100 actors from the region, each of the moments of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a tradition that for more than 60 years has aroused the fervor of those who come to this act.

Tomato Throwing Festival in Sutamarchan, Boyaca

Start date: June 05, 2021
End date: June 07, 2021

La Tomatina in Colombia (also known as Gran Tomatina Colombiana) is an event that takes place since June 15, 2004, in the municipality of Sutamarchan, Boyaca.

La Tomatina is made with tomatoes not suitable for consumption – crop wastes. In the main activity participants throw tomatoes at each other, outside of this event they perform cultural shows, parties and competitions such as the “tomatoes eater”, the largest tomato, the heaviest, etc…

To participate you only have to bring a big smile and the official T-shirt of the event, which is just a white T-shirt, which allows the red spot of the tomato to stand out on the large crowd of national and foreign assistants.

Tomato Throwing Festival in Sutamarchan, Boyaca

International Jazz Festival of Villa de Leyva

Start date: June 12, 2021
End date: June 13, 2021

The cultural diversity and wealth of talent that characterizes the town of Villa de Leyva allowed the first Jazz Festival, organized by the Corporacion Villa Jazz Festival, to be launched in 2011. It is a moment that annually brings together the lovers and artists of this legendary musical genre and approach those who enjoy all types of music.

International Jazz Festival of Villa de Leyva

Fairs & Festivals in Honor to La Virgen del Carmen in Villa de Leyva – Folk & Hilanderas Festival

Start date: July 13, 2021
End date: July 16, 2021

The joy that characterizes the Colombians and that gave rise to the fairs and festivals throughout the country, many of them related to the Catholic vocation of some towns, is the same that gave rise to the celebration in honor to the Virgen del Carmen, patron of the transporters and annually held in Villa de Leyva, in the first two weeks of July. Since last century, the fame of this celebration attracts inhabitants of neighboring municipalities because of the commercial activities, the equine and bovine fair and the exchange of other products; also popular festivals, samples of folk music and entertainment for all ages and the traditional Folk & Hilanderas Festivalare are hold in the main square. La Plazuela del Carmen and the church of the same name becomes the center of the religious celebration, where the famous procession of La Virgen del Carmen begins and ends, a unique and special moment in which the image of La Virgen is carried on stilts by a special group of “freighters”, which is a brotherhood of villaleyvanos men who inherited from their parents this designation.

Fairs & Festivals in Honor to La Virgen del Carmen in Villa de Leyva

Poetry Festival in Villa de Leyva

Start date:
End date:

Festivity held the last week of July, where a great gathering of poets come around the composition of the word and, also, pay homage to one of the most recognized poets of the national scope.

Poetry Festival in Villa de Leyva

The Wind and Kite Festival of Villa de Leyva

Start date: August 14, 2021
End date: August 15, 2021

In August of each year, since 1975, the main square of Villa de Leyva and other open spaces are filled with kites of different colors and styles to enjoy the winds that characterize the climate of this region. Each year contests are held in different categories where competitors of all ages have the opportunity to show their ingenuity, creativity and skills: handmade kites, giant kites, trains, acrobatic trains, synchronized flight of kites, night lights, etc… This festival has become one of the most representatives of Villa de Leyva at national and international level.

Tree Festival in Villa de Leyva

Start date: October 16, 2021
End date: October 18, 2021

This festival has been taking place for more than ten years and environmental protection is the primary theme. Professionals dedicated to the preservation of the environment, cultivation and preservation of plants of different classes, participate with the exhibition and commercialization of varieties of ornamental, exotic, native, medicinal plants, etc… Additionally, the event offers cultural activities to provide visitors with moments of recreation.

Tree Festival in Villa de Leyva

Horse Festival in Villa de Leyva

Start date: October 30, 2021
End date: October 31, 2021

Equine exhibition organized by the municipal administration and a group of families dedicated to the breeding of horses of different races existing in the world. The main square becomes a stage of a unique show in Colombia and Latin America, aimed at the amateur and specialized public, featuring horsemen, dancers, and musicians, with a choreography, special props and an exhibition of modern, antique and agricultural horse-drawn carriages.

Horse Festival in Villa de Leyva

International Independent Film Festival of Villa de Leyva

​Start date: November 12, 2021
End date: November 15, 2021

It is an annual event that brings to Villa de Leyva the new proposals and trends of this audiovisual art. There are workshops, conferences, activities and presentations of short films, documentaries and national and international films. This activity opens a space for the public to enter the world that is created behind the cameras.

Festival of Lights of Villa de Leyva

Start date: December 07, 2021
End date: December 08, 

During the evenings, visitors can walk around the streets of Villa de Leyva, which are filled with light during the month of December, and enjoy this festival, aimed to families and friends to celebrate the tradition of lighting up small candles and lanterns that every December 7, commemorates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and marks the true beginning of the Christmas season in Colombia. It was created in 1986 and it is in Noche de las Velitas, when the best handcrafted fireworks companies of the country come together to present a wonderful and unique spectacle, and compete for the best show based on luminosity, height, sound and duration of their fireworks. It offers a varied program with exhibitions of painting, choirs and other activities.

New Year’s Eve Party in Villa de Leyva

Start date: December 31, 2021
End date: January 01, 2022

The new year party has been institutionalized in the main square, where you can enjoy a great night in company of all its inhabitants and visitors who come together to witness an evening of fireworks, music and in a single voice all shouting out “¡Feliz Año!”

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